About Mars Proface

The (petro-) chemical platform connecting industry and professionals

Connection platform for industrial projects

As employment security is declining nowadays and professionals are expected to be more flexible, transparency is key for industry managers and professionals. Toward the end of each temporary contract, industry managers, as well as professionals, needs to be focus on new projects. And on new technical experts.

As a professional, you will need to aim for the next project with new industry managers. Many professionals are registered with an agency and, by doing so, they partly give up control of their assignments and career opportunities. By way of illustration, are you aware of opening projects? Who to show your resume? And what fees are acceptable?

As an industry manager, you seek professionals with knowledge and experience complying your newest project. But, is that skilled professional currently available and does the fee match the project’s estimate?

Get a grip on your projects

Take control today. Find work that suits you or find the person that meets all requirements of the project.

Mars Proface offers a platform where clients can directly connect with professionals within the disciplines:

  • Process
  • Civil & Structural
  • mechanical
  • Piping
  • Electrical & Instrumentation

cooperation + reliability = affordable and better solutions

Mars Proface believes that cooperation and dialogue between industries and professionals result in genuine relationships, goal-oriented contracts, satisfactory rates, agile solutions, and continuity.

Industry managers seeking reinforcement for industrial projects benefit from the diversity of professionals from our database.

The  benefits for industry managers of direct contact via Mars Proface with professionals are:

  • view resumes and backgrounds of highly qualified professionals
  • direct search in database for available (trusted) professional
  • opportunity for direct contact with professional about terms of hire and fees
  • opportunity to involve professionals in early project stages
  • cost reduction in hiring professionals
  • outsource intermediary to industry specialists against cost-effective rates
  • building strong and lasting relationships

With direct contact, professionals can work much agiler and contribute to industries reaching their goals.

The benefits for professionals of direct contact via Mars Proface with industry managers are:

  • add and update resume and background information in safe environment
  • manage industry connections
  • 24/7 access to personal data
  • opportunity for direct contact with industry managers about tasks and fees
  • get involved in early project stages
  • low increase on secondment rates
  • building strong and lasting relationships

Mars Proface’s added value

The people behind Mars Proface have a technical background themselves and a long term experience in the (petro) chemical industry. They have seen employment change from many years of service with a single employer to the freelancer’s era we work in today, including short-term contracts as well as hiring staff for the long run.

Direct contact between industries and professionals entails short and clear communication lines and transparent and acceptable rates. Our platform, with extensive database, offers you this opportunity.

In some situations, secondment, such as payrolling, is a perfect resolution. Mars Proface provides this service at competitive cost. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Professionals registration

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Database for industry managers

Clients have direct access to professionals. In our database you will find professionals using the search engine. You can here find your professional.

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